My work in the students magazine

I have been a member of FORMAT, the design magazine of the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, since the first semester. For the last three issues I have been a member of the chief editorial board.

FORMAT is the university magazine of the students of the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. It is published once every semester, with the entire editorial process led by students.

#24 Values

In the latest issue of FORMAT I took over a lot of responsibility for implementation and publication. We conceptualized the topic of "values" through a division in material and ethical values. The respective sections' very different characteristics heightened the work intensity of the layout phase compared to previous issues.
I designed one of the covers, took care of the completion of the print files and of merchandise and printing orders. Throughout the semester, I also gained experience and confidence in my appearance in front of the team and I learned to organize the work flow in a more coordinated, collaborative and structured way.

#23 Experiment

Matching with my first semester as part of the chief editorial staff, the 23rd issue dealt with the topic of experiment. We accordingly with the format, splitting the magazine in three booklets for the first time.
As part of the chief editorial staff I was responsible for the coordination of an interdisciplinary team.
From the organization of the meetings to the communication with the individual working groups, I was involved in all tasks. The experiment has inspired me for the post of editor-in-chief, which is why it was clear to me that I would be involved in organizing in the next semester as well.

#22 Identity

The 22nd FORMAT was my first contact with the medium of print. It was a completely new experience for me to follow the editorial process of a magazine, from the conception to the layout. Above all I got to know the different phases of layouting, from basic decisions such as the colour code to typography, and I was able to contribute my own ideas. At the end of the semester, it was clear that I would be involved in the next issue in the chief editorial staff.

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