Energy Efficiency at Home

Concept of an Energy Efficiency System

E-FO (Energy & Information) is a system that enables people in every living situation to save energy by means of intelligent technology.
E-FO consists of various hardware components and an app that connects them and processes the current data in an easily accessible way.

Project Partners
Jonathan Hörmann | Gabriel Meyer | Jakob Knöpfle

My role
User-Research, UI-Design


E-FO prepares the users' energy data in an easily accessible way, through the metric of equivalent energy expenditure. This way, an awareness for electricity consumption can be created, without a physical understanding as a prerequisite.


The app also provides a graphical overview in the form of diagrams. This way, users can get an overview of which devices were active in which periods. In the second step, the power consumption can be compared with the average in Germany.


Another core function is the control of household devices. These can be switched on and off with a click or can be comfortably automated by a timer.


E-FO offers different hardware to measure the enegy consuption on the device. This allows users to monitor which devices are consuming a lot of power and thereby enables a more efficient usage.

Measuring device, router and socket

The Smart-Plug socket of E-FO is an all-in-one device. It measures the power consumption, amplifies the Wi-Fi reception and can be controlled via mobile phone or Google Home. This also makes older devices smart, without having to replace them.

Plug-In Photovoltaic

Through plug-in photovoltaics it is possible for people in different living situations to generate energy independently and feed it into the grid.

Energy Storage

The additional storage unit enables users to store excess electricity from their own energy sources. Thereby, fluctuations in energy production can be compensated.

E-FO online

Initial situation

Every year, German households lose around 4 billion Euro through inefficient energy usage. This loss is critical, not only financially but also ecologically. How can we help users to reduce their energy consumption and at the same time offer them added value in their everyday lives?

Although the greatest energy consumption in Germany is caused by heating systems, these are sometimes difficult to retrofit and in the case of a rented apartment not within the tenant's sphere of influence. Therefore we decided to look for solutions in the field of electricity.


Through explorative interviews with potential users we got a first impression of their needs. On this basis, we developed first solution ideas for the household. We then developed these further with the users, in order to iterate in the best and most efficient way possible.


With this approach, we worked with our users to identify their needs and iterated ways to solve them.

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